Arrange shootings

Come to Uzbekistan for shootings, we will take care of the rest

We get everything arranged


While filmmakers are in Uzbekistan for filming, they can rely on our Film Commission in getting everything arranged: ranging from accommodation, travels, catering and production equipment to traffic police, emergency, ambulance, security, etc.

Local production managers are the ones who have a huge experience in the international film industry. Once they have a clear idea about the production and its action plan, they work on getting the best out of film crews’ operation in Uzbekistan.

Responsibility, recommendations, ideas, people, solutions… One can find these all the time in Uzbekistani specialists.

Uzbekistan National Film Commission introduces producers with local companies or professionals that they need to cooperate to get their stories told.

Be it a rental firm of equipment, costumes or properties or be it a production designer or a make-up artist, we help our clients contact with the best of Uzbekistan’s film industry.

Getting in touch with the partners, foreign film crews can negotiate with them and make a deal on collaboration during production.

We can take care of your cooperation with any local company: hotels, transportation, logistics, etc.

From your flights to train rides throughout the country to transfers to any movements between sets. We guarantee it prioritizing safety, comfort, and timeliness.

Our partners offering logistics services make sure that your properties are safely transported within the territory of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan has renewed tax and customs policy following the latest government reforms. Let us know what you are bringing from your country and we will let the customs office know about it and ensure trouble-free arrival and departure here.