Uzbekistan National Film Commission is the guide for foreign production companies in making motion pictures within this country.

Launched in summer 2018 following Uzbek President’s decree on developing national cinema industry, it is the unique non-profit in Uzbekistan that is committed to attracting the people of the movie world to the promising new market in the heart of Central Asia.

Uzbekistan National Film Commission is the member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (ACFI) and is working on getting accredited by Asian Film Commissions Network.

The film commission proudly showcases Uzbekistan’s cinematic potential, attending global film events such as the European Film Market of Berlinale, Hong Kong International Film & TV Market as well as March du Film as part of Festival de Cannes.

Besides inviting and assisting foreign productions in Uzbekistan, the film commission simultaneously takes care of upgrading the local industry. It collaborates with Uzbekistan Youth Union, «Uzbekkino» National Agency, Uzbekistan Tourism Committee and The Centre for Development of Cinema.