The Republic of Uzbekistan is an independent state that occupies a special geographical and geopolitical position in Central Asia.

The independence and sovereignty of the Republic was declared on August 31, 1991.

Administrative division: the republic includes 12 regions and the autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Capital: Tashkent city

Form of government: presidential republic

Language: Uzbek – the state language

Currency: Sum

Time Zone: +5 GMT

Coordinates: 41-00 north latitude, 64-00 east longitude.

International dialing code: +998

Population:32 million people


The Republic of Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia, south of Kazakhstan and northeast of Turkmenistan (between the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers) and covers an area of ​​448.9 thousand square meters. km


Most of the territory of Uzbekistan is occupied by plains. To the east and north-east of the country are the mountain ranges of the Tien Shan and the Pamirs, this is the highest point in the country (4,643 m). In the north of the central part of Uzbekistan is one of the largest deserts in the world – Kyzylkum.


The climate is mostly hot, dry, sharply continental. The temperature difference of the seasons is quite high. The average winter temperature is lower – 6 C, but in July rises above 32 C.

Rainfall is negligible.

The most favorable climatic conditions for arriving in Uzbekistan are from late March to early June, and from late August to early November.