International experts recognized Uzbekistan as one of the safest countries for work and travel, not only in Central Asia, but throughout the world.

In 2018, Uzbekistan entered the top five safest countries in the world according to the American institution Gallup. The experts of the online travel service Wegoplace compiled a rating of the safest countries for tourism based on the Solo Travel Safety Report 2019, Uzbekistan took one of the leading positions. Peace and stability is something that the government and people of Uzbekistan value highly due to their development opportunities.

The report was based on a survey of residents of 142 states according to several criteria. A question was asked about how safe they feel when they are walking alone in the city at night, whether they trust the local police and were robbed or attacked.

Singapore has the highest safety index (97 units). It is followed by Norway, Iceland and Finland, each of which has a safety index of 93. Uzbekistan came in fifth in the ranking (91 units), followed by Hong Kong (91 units), Switzerland (91 units), Canada (90 units), Indonesia (89 units) and Denmark (88 units).

Uzbekistan takes 5th place in the ranking of the safest countries for single tourists

Countries are ranked according to a four-level security scheme: the first group includes those whose trips are assessed as the least risky, and the fourth – where it is strongly recommended not to go. Uzbekistan was included in the first group of the safest countries in which a tourist can feel relaxed.

The country is an oasis in terms of security.

The remaining countries of Central Asia, with the exception of Afghanistan, are classified as medium risk. For example, Russia, India, Turkey and Israel fell into the same category.