Popular reality show “Race across the world” is shooting in Uzbekistan.

Popular reality show “Race across the world” is shooting in Uzbekistan.

The sensational last year in the United Kingdom reality show “Race Across the World” on the BBC Two is shooting in Uzbekistan. This time, the Danish channel TV2 creates its own television product, having received the rights to the popular show. The filming in Uzbekistan is organized by the famous journalist Nikita Makarenko.

“Race Across the World” is a new ambitious adventure format of the show, dedicated not only to travel, but also to the culture of various countries. The project consists of eight parts of 40 minutes each. Several teams compete for a prize in a race from Denmark to Singapore without using airplanes. The team that comes first to the finish of the route wins.

The participants of the show carry a limited amount of money equivalent to the cost of a ticket from Copenhagen to Singapore. Moreover, they can travel around the globe in any way possible: on foot, by car, by bicycle, by boat, by bus, by ferry, by motorcycle, by horse, by camel. All decisions are made by them independently. They also lack mobile phones; they cannot use the Internet and other means of communication.

“One of the goals of this show is to show that in the modern world people began to use planes so often that the travel process itself is no longer of any interest. It’s just a moment in life when we jump from point “A” to point “B”. But for the same money that costs an air ticket, you can travel half the world and get to your destination. Last year’s TVshow showed that it is real, “said Nikita Makarenko.

Filming in Uzbekistan will last a week. Since the teams started their journey from Copenhagen, the arrival time of each of them will be different.

The reality show “Race Across the World” was created by Lambert and aired last spring on BBC Two. Then the participants competed on a journey from London to Singapore. As a result, the show was such an incredible success that this year it was nominated for the United Kingdom National Television Award, along with Top Gear.

“Uzbekistan, shown in the last show, caused an incredible sensation in the United Kingdom. Twitter users wrote in bulk about the country, there written that they had heard the word “Uzbekistan” for the first time and wanted to come here. The managers of the Uzbekistan Hotel in Tashkent says that this year the flow of British tourists has grown, because everyone wants to stay here, because the hotel was a “check point” on the route of the show, said Nikita Makarenko.

The production of this show did not cost the country’s budget anything, while Uzbekistan received powerful advertising for free.

The show reveals not only the race of the participants in the struggle for the first prize, but also their characters. They encounter difficulties on routes, try to overcome them, and resolve internal conflicts. Travelers everywhere rely on the help of local residents.

As you know, Uzbekistan is very hospitable people. Everywhere where the participants of the show “Race across the world” have already visited by today, people helped them in every possible way, while remembering their knowledge of the English language.