Home for diverse nature, from deserts and mountains to forests to lakes, Uzbekistan has a lot of filming locations to offer. What is now Uzbekistan has once been a Soviet republic, a part of many historical empires and an entrepĂ´t on the Great Silk Road. So, the architecture belonging to different periods of history is not hard to find either.

In Uzbekistan, one also finds facilities and reasonable prices as well as professionals welcoming foreign productions with open arms. This country is at the crossroads of the East and the West, where you encounter both traditions that are well-preserved and economy that is rapidly growing.

It is yet one of the most peaceful countries in the region and in the world. Topping the rankings of Solo Travel Safety Report 2019, Uzbekistan is well-reputed because of its security. Peace and stability are what the Uzbek government and people value a lot due to the opportunities they give for development.

For past years, Uzbekistan has been actively advancing all industries, including tourism, arts and investments as part of the new President’s reform agenda. Throughout three years, Uzbekistan has made getting visas easier and exempted more than 75 countries from visas. Coming from one of these countries, production companies economize time and money, as they do not have to apply for visas of the crew. The list of countries with visa-free regime keeps expanding.

Recent changes in the country welcomed hundreds of investors and thousands of tourists from diverse parts of the world. Uzbekistan is now opening and it is trendy to take advantage of centuries-old traditions of Oriental hospitality and government support towards foreign businesses. In this context, Uzbekistan is untapped, undiscovered, which is why we are proud to introduce it as a hidden gem in the heart of Central Asia.