Now is the best time to visit Uzbekistan for filming because this country is fighting for its place in the global market following government reforms on opening up to the world. Companies and professionals in Uzbekistan’s film industry are so much welcoming that they strive for competitiveness in terms of both quality and cost.

Uzbekistan is also a sunny land. With more than 320 days of sunshine a year, it is a perfect place to have exterior rainfall-free shootings on the right weeks among plenty available. Besides letting you be flexible in terms of which part of the year you film, Uzbekistan’s “signature quality” — sunny days help you have more productive shootings. The day can continue up to 15 hours, so one can feel free to do as many takes as needed and plan more shots not worrying about that sun may go down soon.

Uzbekistan is not an expensive place to buy properties for filming, to hire local staff and to get around the country. Producers don’t have to worry about hotel room costs and per diems for crew members, they are not going to be an arm and a leg.

From 2020, Uzbekistan introduced a rebate system that helps you get cashback up to 20 % from the filming expenses within the country. It is the first and, for now, only country offering rebate in the region and one of the very few among post-Soviet states.