Get permissions

Our film commission helps foreign production companies throughout filming permission process.

To get a permission


The Uzbekkino National Agency is the state authorized body for issuing permission for film and video filming of films by foreign film companies on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. To obtain permission for a film, the following documents must be submitted:

– application for a permit to shoot

– film script (in Uzbek or Russian )

Permission may be refused if the script of the film contains scenes:

– propagandizing national, racial, ethnic or religious hatred;

– humiliation honor and dignity, insulting the feelings of citizens in connection with their nationality, religious beliefs or contrary to moral and national mentality standards;

– incorrectly or distortedly reflecting the history, culture, traditions and customs of the peoples of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– propagandizing ideas of extremism and terrorism, a cult of violence and cruelty;

– of a pornographic and other nature, entailing criminal and other liability in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

To obtain permission takes up to 15 days.


Making shootings legal, secure and trouble-free