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The Solar Republic also boasts affordable prices for filming and the provision of professional equipment, including specialists with many years of experience who are ready to cooperate with foreign colleagues.

Shooting costs and climatic conditions

Uzbekistan is fighting for its place in the world market, creating all the necessary conditions for each stage of the cinematic process.

National companies and film industry experts are interested in competitiveness in terms of quality and cost, while foreign film crews may note the flexibility of the partnership and the bonuses offered to them.

Uzbekistan is also famous for its solar heat. Here, for almost 320 days a year, the sun shines, which makes the country an ideal place for conducting field surveys. In addition to flexibility with respect to the time of year, the Uzbek “brand quality” – sunny days – contributes to greater productivity.

Daylight hours can last up to 15 hours, so you can do as many takes as you need and plan a shooting day without worrying about the sun suddenly disappearing over the horizon.