We will arrange every production process

During the working process in Uzbekistan, foreign filmmakers can count on the full organization of the shooting process: from accommodation, movement, food, filming equipment to traffic police, emergency services, ambulances, security, and much more

A film set can be arranged in an apartment of an ordinary apartment building, and on the White Sea, and in the interiors of Soviet times … It all depends on the content of the film. The searches usually take a lot of time and require certain expenses.

However, this is not the hardest part of the job. It is much more difficult to reach an agreement with the owner or administration of the facility, law enforcement agencies (if you plan to shoot on the streets of the city). Especially if the budget of the film is limited and the rental funds are small.

Our film commission organizes scouting tours. The search for locations will be the most pleasant and profitable part of the organization of filming, because the film commission will take care of all the issues.